Revolutionary Air Purifier / Sterilizer that also neutralizes COVID-19.


The healthiest, cleanest, disease free air once can ever breathe!


How many times someone in your home has contracted a common cold or flu and everyone in the house eventually gets it? Have the privilege of living a superior life that is disease and allergy free along with additional health benefits that various medications costing lakhs over a lifetime may not be able to match.

THE WOLF AIRMASK is a super charged air-purifying device (through ionization) which has been certified by ICMR to have a 99.9% efficacy to neutralize COVID-19 instantly and continuously. In addition to creating an environment with the purest of air, the AIRMASK also sterilizes all kinds of air-borne diseases including virus, bacteria, fungi, mold, E-coli, influenza, common cold, TB, mumps, measles, chicken pox, dust, pollen and all such allergy and disease causing pathogens.

Ionizing is a technology used for close to a century for air purification. The technology behind the AIRMASK makes it 100 times more powerful than regular ionizers. The conventional ionizers, proven to be the most effective air purification technology, also neutralized these pathogens - but not with the same efficacy as our innovative device.

It is a simple logic that if the device has a Government certified 99.9% sanitizing efficacy against the century’s most lethal pathogen, COVID-19, all other disease and allergy causing pathogens would also be neutralized with the highest possible efficiency.




Model Name : WA1000
Area Covered : 1000 sq feet
Discounted Price : Rs. 33,630 inclusive of 18% GST & free shipping
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Model Name :WA500
Area Covered : 500 sq feet
Discounted Price : Rs. 23,600 inclusive of 18% GST & free shipping
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sterlization of all airborne infections

massive health benefits from negatively charged ions

Usage Examples

With a 60,000 hour usage life, the device can be a life-long health booster along with safety from the risk of any future exposure to air-borne infections in any public or private place

Type of Location Use Cases
Homes 1. Senior Citizens and children vulnerability to airborne infections
2. Ensures no further infections during home quarantine due to COVID-19 infected person
3. Areas like living room where guests are entertained are a big airborne disease infection zone
4. Auto sterilization of all surfaces of new products that enter the home and passes through the COVID-19 free area
5. Better health and immunity to diseases for all at home.
Offices 1. Better staff attendance due to reduced illnesses
2. Better working environment increases work efficiency
Reduced fear of COVID-19 infection enhances employee comfort
3. Better protection even when COVID-19 safety protocols are not completely adhered to
4. Massive HR profile building against other competing businesses can stimulate easier recruitment.
5. Can be used in meeting and board rooms, owners/directors and senior management cabins, canteens and common work areas
Factories 1. Better air quality will ensure:
a. Better attendance of labourers
b. Enhanced productivity
c. Better quality production
d. Better health for all in factories with air pollutants
2. Ideal for factory floors, managers/owners cabins, canteens, toilets and common areas.
Hospitals 1. Improves recovery rate in all infection transmittable areas
2. Burns ward to prevent further infections
3. Open non-walled ICU’s, OPD waiting areas in which various different infection carrying patients are placed together,
4. General Wards
5. Operation Theatres for a higher success rate and other areas to neutralize all pathogens & gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
Hotels 1. Banquets to give additional safety net to the guests of clients and higher resultant business2.
2. Also ideal for lobby, gymnasium, spa and restaurants.
Film and TV Studios 1. Senior Film and TV personalities as well as advertising models will appreciate and recommend facilities with better and safer air quality
2. Reduced risk of contracting airborne illnesses in an area where all the senior professionals are exposed to juniors on the same floor.
3. Reduces chances of shooting schedules being cancelled due to sudden infections on the set.
Schools 1. Very important since children have still not been vaccinated.
2. Will give a lot of comfort to students, parents and teachers. 3. Common areas between classes in which different classes participate can infect students from all the classes
4. Can be used in canteens, staff rooms, toilets, labs etc. and classrooms.
Educational Institutes 1. Can be used in common areas between classes such as canteen, staff rooms, toilets, labs, sports facilities etc. & classrooms.
Clubs 1. Visited frequently by senior citizens who are more vulnearable to infections. 2. Can be used in restaurants, bars, cards / billiards room and other such spaces, badmington and squash courts, lounges and other similar spaces.
Local Businesses 1. All local businesses that depend on footfalls would have a contact list of customers.
2. Such establishment can reach out to their customers with the message that there is an additional layer of safety in their establishments and therefore enhanced business
3. Can be used in premium restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, salons, jewellery showrooms, luxury goods & fashion boutiques, spas, gyms etc.


Release of negatively charged ion to sanitize COVID-19
Attachment of the negatively charged ions to the positive spike protein of COVID-19.

How it Works

The COVID-19 virus (all current and future variants), virus, bacteria, fungi, mold, E-coli, influenza, common cold, TB, mumps, measles, chicken pox, dust, pollen and all such allergy and disease causing pathogens are positively charged ions.

The AIRMASK is a super-powerful ionizer. Ionizers are devices that purify and sterilize the air by discharging negatively charged ions in the surroundings wherever it is placed. The big differentiator between regular ionizers and AIRMASK is the ability of the AIRMASK to discharge about 100 times more negative ions that regular ionizers.

When the negatively charged ions are released into the surroundings, they naturally combine with the positively charged ions instantly neutralising them. Its a straightforward math : +1 and -1 in an equation is zero.

A very high density of the negatively charged ions is created in the rooms / spaces where the device is placed due to the AIRMASK’s ability to discharge a substantially higher number of negatively charged ions per every second. This ensures that there are always more negatively charged ions in any room/space even after neutralizing the already existent positively charged ions.

Therefore, if any positive ion is discharged by any infected person, it would instantaneously get neutralized before it can reach the other persons in the room. This is how the constant and continuous 99.9% efficacy with a proven technology against pathogens is established.

Awards & Certifications


The Airmask is perhaps the only air purifier in the world to have multiple certifications from Indian Government accredited laboratories for sterilization of COVID-19 and other forms of virus and bacteria. No other air purifier in India can boast of such certifications as compared to the AIRMASK.

Therefore, the Airmask credibly purifies / sterilizes the air with the maximum efficacy among all air purifiers to eliminate all forms of virus, covid-19 (including all variants such as delta, delta plus) , bacteria, E-coli, MS2 Phase, TB, Influenza, dust, pollen and other allergy and disease causing germs.

Furthermore, certificates have also been obtained for an environment free from any kind of toxicity and harmful ozone (many air purifiers emit high levels of ozone).

National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) are Indian Government owned bodies established with the objective to provide Government, Industry Associations and Industry in general with a scheme for third-party assessment of the quality and technical competence of testing and calibration.

The 99.9% efficacy for neutralising the COVID-19 has been proven and certified by an ICMR accredited laboratory .

It is therefor not an unverified claim as some products from China or even India have tried to market as a solution to COVID-19. A product that is not certified with a lower efficacy may not be useful as the risk of contracting the virus still remains.

Following is the list of a few important certifications, awards, affiliations and recognitions and the list is growing with time:

  • 1. Certified for 99.9% sterilization of SARS COVID-19 Virus by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Biotechnology (ICMR accredited).

  • 2. 2. Certified by various Indian Government accredited laboratories and reputed international institutions for neutralization of deadly pathogens including virus, bacteria, E-coli, fungus, yeast, mold, MS-Phage, aureus, aeruginosa, albicans, niger, X174, MS2 etc.

  • 3. Certified by various Indian Government accredited laboratories to neutralize disease and allergy causing pollutants & allergens like PM3, PM2, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, VOC, Formaldehyde

  • 4. Certified for ambient air being non-toxic and not damaging to tissues and cells of the body and Ozone Free and safe environment.

  • 5. The device neutralizes many more pathogens, allergens, pollutants beyond the extensive list of credible certifications already obtained.

  • 6. Certified Safe for Health and Safety by Restriction of Hazardous Substances Commission (ROHS Commission) .

  • 7. Carries the CE Mark which affirms conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA)

  • 8. Awarded Best Covid 19 Solution of the Year by Time2Leap MSME Startup Summit 2020.

  • 9. Awarded Best Social Initiative of the Year by Business Mint Nation Wire 2020.

Award winning product with Government certifications to sanitize COVID-19 with 99.9% certified efficiency


Excellent Features of the COVID-19 Sanitizing Device.


Our Patent Pending Negative Ion Sanitization Based Technology as Compared to Other Technologies

Descrip-tion Our Negative Ion Emission Tech-nology Photon Based Electron Emission Alcohol Based Liquid Sanitizers Method Ultra Violet Exposure Method
Indian Certi-
fications of Repute
5 None from Reputed Govt. Accred-ited Agencies NA NA
Certified Efficacy Levels against COVID-19 99.9% None from Reputed Govt. Accred-ited Agencies 99% if used as directed 99.9% but cannot be used in the presence of living objects
Toxicity Certified Nil Kills healthy cells along with harmful ones Skin Allergies and possibly skin cancer (still in research) Cannot be used in the presence of living beings
Harmful Radia-tion None Electrons are radio-active None NA as it cannot be used in the presence of living beings
Health Benefits Mood enhance-ment & benefits of super clean air Harmful None None
Real Time Effect-iveness 99.9% Certified Not Proven NA NA
Effect-iveness on Surfaces Airborne & Surface Claimed to be airborne and surface Surface Airborne and Surface
Ozone Certified not detect-able May not be detected NA NA
Applicable Area 500 sq. ft./ 1000 sq. feet to unlimited 1000 sq. ft. NA Small Spaces
Life of the product Upto 60,000 hrs Short Term NA Long Term
Main-tenance Zero Main-tenance - no filters or consum-ables required Depen-dent on Techno-logy NA Requires regular servicing



A comprehsive list of questions answered in detail with the science behind the answer.

It is based on a patent pending revolutionary invention and the only device in the world with a proven 99.9% efficacy backed by multiple certifications from reputed Government accredited agencies. The highest ion thrust rate ensures that it is the most effective device available to neutralise the covid19 germs. Besides, it has an attractive design, small form factor & minimal noise. The AIRMASK also meets the US EPA Standards as BDL (Below Detection limit for establishing an ozone free environment), hence there is no interaction with any chemicals and will work effectively and safely with the current cleaning and disinfection protocols.

We use the best technology offering an ozone-free ion diffusion performance. The AIRMASK is a one of a kind innovative air sterilization device that produces 100% negative ions efficiently to an area of 1000 sq.ft. and 10,000 cu.ft and produces no positive ions or ozone that is harmful in nature.
This is also the only device tested against SARS-CoV-2 Virus. It was tested at RGCB, Trivandrum (Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology) which is ICMR's approved testing lab under the Government of INDIA. The test report states that AIRMASK is efficient in rupturing the viral envelope of SARS-CoV-2 in just 15 minutes, reducing the COVID Viral load to 99.9%. The device has been tested against other viruses, E.Coli and MS2 bacteriophage as well.
As this device works at a lower voltage, it ensures complete safety with efficiency in terms of area covered and cost.

The AIRMASK uses the Needle Plasma Air Sterilization technology which is the best method for neutralizing pathogens present in the air. This device works with lower voltage, does not emit any kinds of harmful gases, and offers real time protection to not just you but your surroundings as well. In fact, the AIRMASK ensures increasing the shelf life of your equipment as well.

The Ion Thruster (AIRMASK technology) is a negative ion generator, that creates an avalanche of electric ions that goes on to attach to the pollutants, virus, bacteria, pollen, mould spores and other harmful contaminants airborne including SVOC. The attached negative ions force the pollutants to settle down to the surface closer to it. So once your the Air Thruster is on, it keeps charging the pollutants in the air whether they are covid-19 virus, dust, dangerous organisms or even pet residue, they get removed from the air to the surface firmly. The air becomes devoid of the contaminants and it becomes fresh.

The AIRMASK emits around 10 to 100 trillion electrons per second (according to a reading taken using an industrial-grade ion counter). When emitted, these electrons combine immediately with hydroxyl molecules to form ions. This estimated reading was carried out by measuring the electric flux that came out from the needles of the ionic optics of the device. This current, though extremely weak, is a site for large quantities of electrons.

The ions emitted from the AIRMASK attach themselves on particles suspended in the air such as combustion particles (typical urban pollution), microorganisms (pollen, mould spores, bacteria, virus), and SVOCs (semi-volatile organic compounds, a category of gas pollutants increasingly scrutinized by air quality experts) and eliminate them instantly.

Most of the common dust to mold to pet residues to insecticide residue to micro-organisms come in the 100 microns to 0.001 microns. With a huge thrust of ions that keeps all these nasty pollutants to the ground and surface like a targeted gun, or Air Mask as we call it, doesn’t allow pollutants to inhabit the air anymore. Once the air is filled with the charged Ions, the new pollutants enter the room are caught as they enter and hence it’s a smart way to keep the indoors free of pollutants and full of fresh air.

Yes. AIRMASK is effective in rupturing the microbes/viruses including SARS-CoV-2, providing a safe air to breathe.

The Ion Thruster uses Ionization in a Townsend Avalanche which means it works entirely differently from a physical filter-based Air purifier. The cascade of Ions shot into the air keep making floating particles heavy and charged with the static charge, forcing them to all and attach firmly to a surface. No filter; just stopping the bad pollutants right where they are and disarms them. This way you save on replacement costs of expensive filters while increasing the overall efficiency using the next generation Ion Thruster.

To maintain your AIRMASK, dust it regularly or 2 to 4 times year depending upon the level of pollution in your environment. Your device needs to be wiped when you see a thin layer of white dust, on the tips housed at the bottom of the cones of the front face. To remove this dust deposit, use a dry, non-fibrous cloth, towel, feather duster or a soft brush.

The AIRMASK uses an in-house developed patent-pending circuit which does not produce harmful ozone. The ozone emission of our device is tested and certified by world-class laboratories and endorsed. Needle-point ionization (our technology) is different from corona discharge ionization which produces Ozone. The AIRMASK meets the US EPA Standards as BDL (Below Detection limit), hence there is no interaction with any chemicals and will work effectively and safely with the current cleaning and disinfection protocols.

To our knowledge, no data showed the harmful effects of NAIs (Negative Air Ions) on humans/animals. Superoxide ions are prominent members of NAIs, and they are involved in the biological effects of NAIs by regulating the serotonin level and other organic actions. Some research studies showed shreds of evidence of NAIs being useful in removing PM (Particulate Matter), including ultrafine PM, providing an alternative way to clean indoor air, especially during haze episodes. We have also reviewed the plantbased NAI system by PEF stimulation that occurs in nature, and found it to be as same as our ionizer. The system used is to refresh indoor air and reduce PM concentration in addition to enriching the oxygen level around us.

The Ion Thruster (AIRMASK technology) is an everyday, every time device. It has a powerful science working under its strong frames which activates air with Ions and there is no evidence of any harm from Ion enriched enclosures. On the opposite, they capture free moving pollutants, dust and other contaminants from the air, making it light and breathable. Once the allergens are removed, you get a good feel as the air goes into your brain is purer and lungs become less exhausting; overall you become more at ease and efficient. And since there are no consumables or air filters, the cost of operations is also low making the Ion Thrusters an everyday product, a must have product in every indoor environment for excellent air quality.

As long as you feel like. 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours. Continuously. On and Off. It works efficiently and silently. There are no moving parts and there are no filters to put cost pressure on you as a consumable. One you fit it, you forget it and it works in the background keep on cleaning the air you breathe.

We recommend that you always keep the AIRMASK turned ON in order to obtain the best air quality.

The electron avalanche or presence of ion can be detected one foot near the AIRMASK using an electricity tester device. To check it your AIRMASK ionizer is working properly, place the electric tester within 1 to 2 ft near the front panel of the device (WA-1000 device only). If the tester lights up, then the device is working perfectly fine.

Yes, they do. The AIRMASK's major advantage compared to traditional air purifiers is that it maintains the efficiency throughout. All you need to do is dust it regularly depending on the level of pollution in your area.

AIRMASK Customers

It is common knowledge that any customer would carry out thorough evaluation and research before investing, esp. in the case of corporates and large Government organisations, who have the wherewithals to put in the investment to analyse if any product offered to them actually performs claims made by the seller. Purchase of the product by them would only confirm the virtues of this life saving device.

Our customers include prominent organisations like Indian Oil Corporation, Indian Air Force, PVR Cinemas, Disney, UFO Movies, Apollo Tyres, RP Sanjeev Goenka group and the list goes on! Endoresement by such an August list of customers should quell the doubts that anyone may have on the efficacy of the device.

The following are some of the corporates and Government organisations (not a comprehensive list) who have reposed faith in the AIRMASK and its abilities and become our valued customers:

WOLF AIRMASK CUSTOMERS include Indian Oil National Institute of Virology ICMR and many more
WOLF AIRMASK CUSTOMERS are the top entertainment companies like Disney, UFO, PVR and many more
WOLF AIRMASK CUSTOMERS include the Kerala High Court KTDC Department of Industries and Commerce and many more
WOLF AIRMASK CUSTOMERS are top tier hotels such as Ramada Casino Hotels and many more
WOLF AIRMASK CUSTOMERS include the highly reputed hospitals and healthcare providers
WOLF AIRMASK CUSTOMERS include restaurants shops malls media houses newspapers and many more
COVID-19 free area creator is good for any house office or any other place
COVID-19 free surroundings possible only through WOLF AIRMASK

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The business is a division of Equity Venture Finance Corporation ( , a reputed investment bank in operations since 2002 with specialisation in the fields of Mobile Content, OTT, IPTV, Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT).

EquityVC and its founders have had an illustrious list of clients – a few prominent ones being ESPN, Disney, NBC, National Geographic, Time Broadband, Teleconvergence Infosystems (Mauritius) etc.

Over the various decades during which he has been active, EquityVC founders have made various investments in the technology and consumer equipment domain and have extensive working knowledge on the business side of technology and its viabilty. The AIRMASK is one such technological wonder in which they felt is the need of the hour and therefore made the necessary investment to bring the product to you.

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